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    Ningbo Longxin fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. has two factories. They are equipped with advanced production facilities and equipment, which include CWT system, advanced mills, filtration systems, mixers, and so on.
We believe quality & customer satisfaction is very fundamental and key to a successful enterprise, so Lonxin fine(Dexin dyestuffs) is utilizing an integrated information gathering system for the collection of data and analysis of product quality, quality control and management of product delivery. On the other hand, extensive efforts are being made for the preservation of the environment and development of environment-friendly products. In a word,it's our never-change principle to manufacture reliable high-tech products and meet our customers'ever-change demand. It's always our priority to handle customers'claim properly.
    Drawing the world with our pure colours , As logo of the company says, varieties of products, excellent quality, high prestige, strong self-reliance and advanced technology. All these factors enable Ningbo Longxin Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. play the leading role in dyestuff industry in China.
For the realization of developing clear, bright and beautiful non-contaminative dyes, R&D team take the role of the spearhead. We have a vigorous team of R&D, the leaders are professional engineers with more than ten years experience who are national renowned in dyestuff field. With extensive information sourcing channel and modern equipments in lab, The team have prepared hi-tech dyes, and cater for both clients' purchasing requirement and development needs. To make environmental affinitive dyes,it need us not only diversely analyzing on raw materials, manufactured goods, but study the future environment as our environment becomes more and more worse everyday.
Now the teams are leading the company to keep up with the pace of the world and we promise to create the world's most beautiful colors. Everybody in the company is committed to this goal!